Deco Rush

Deco rush is a decoration tape in a form of tiny rolling stick but it is not simple and normal as we used to know. Plus Stationery, Japan company which create many stationeries, design a new way for decoration by using a rolling stick with comfortable to use  by both sides of your hand and instead of a whip tape as we usually see, Deco Rush have a cute picture or cartoon pattern for using in any occasion.

It has only 10 centimetres long which make it easy to keep. You can keep it in any container normally people will keep their stationery on a box or pencil case but Deco rush has a clip function which you can clip it to the cover of your book. This function makes me feel free to take Deco rush with me to any place. I clip it on my planner to make it easy to use any time that I want.


There are many patterns of Deco rush some of them are spacial edition which produces in a special day theme such as Christmas or Japan holiday and it selling in limited of time may be 2-3 months you have to buy it before others buy it because  it run out of stock so fast and not every shop has the same pattern, some of the pattern sales in some shop which is for lucky buyer to found them. I have an experience that I went to 3 branches of a stationery shop in my country until I find the pattern that I want.


It is easy to use Deco rush just hold it tight in your hand and slide it on paper firmly and make sure that the pattern side is down, attach to the paper. My experience of using Deco rush for the first time is not perfect as I expect.

My first time with Deco rush is horrible I slide it on the paper normally but I didn’t see that the pattern side is up and after I slide it, my first Deco rush is broke down perfectly but I don’t give up! and now I can say that I’m good at using it but still have some mistake anyway.

A tip from me is making sure that the pattern side is down to the paper. If you know yourself that your hand is not stable , I suggest you to use it along with a ruler it will help you to draw a nice line with Deco rush. You are unable to write on Deco rush because is not make for writing on top of it if you want to write something you should write it first and slide the Deco rush on top of it.

This stationery also has some issue, for example, When you keep it for too long it will not slide and stick properly in the paper because the tape getting dry. Since I have faced this problem by myself I suggest you to use it every week or maybe month to make it feel fresh in every time that you use.


 I have 12 Deco rush in my collection and I’m still keep buying it like crazy. It makes my boring planner and note become life and sometimes it so fantasy. I recommend you to try this stuff to spice up your note, planner, or a gift and…………

If you try this stationery, trust me! you will become a stationery lover.



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