Finding Dory To Do Memo

For a long time ago, that I wish that I could create a checklist of things to do on my own and it has to be cute and beautiful as same as the imagination in my head, but this wish never comes true. In the past, I was too young to buy a cute stuff to decorate my checklist and worst of all is I am not good at drawing and to-do list in my dream need to have a drawing! That is why my own check list never finish. Now, everything has changed there are many super mega cute stationery on earth and also some stuff that makes for more convenient like a new stationery that I just brought it on last Saturday.

2Finding Dory To Do Memo PS

As you know that nowadays there are many Memo on the stationery market but my new Memo is different. What makes my new To Do Memo specials is a Finding Dory style for celebrating Finding Dory release on cinema. There is 2 style of this to-do list but both of them come with a nice design as you can see in the picture that on the top right corner of the paper have a little Dory with a blue background and another style Dory will be at the right side of a bottom of the paper.

2Finding Dory To Do Memo PS-2

It makes our life more convenient by having a space to write a date and month also little shell for checking that you have success it or not? It also has space to write the memo to remind your about something or you can write a detail about what are you going to do. A cover of the paper can be folded into a half which makes for the finesse of the paper because when you folded it into a half, the cover will be like a pop-up to catch your attention.

2Finding Dory To Do Memo PS-4

This to-do list is only need your hand to tear it away from their package and place your to-do list on top of everything that you want to. Normally to-do list memo always stick together like 100 papers together and if you want to use it you just tear it one-by-one or you don’t have to tear it, you can use like a book that when you finish flip it to another page.

2Finding Dory To Do Memo PS-3

Even thought this to-do list is convenient for us and cute but it also has something that I want to change about it. Since it is a memo, not a sticky note that a result why it is born with a bare paper with a cute style then it is mean that you cannot stick it on anything unless you use a tape or other tool to help you fix this problem. This is some kind of annoying me because I usually attach a to-do list paper on my schedule but this thing did not have a sticking function. Anyway I still love this to-do list even it cannot attach by itself but I think that it will be a good time for me to use my making tape with them to solve the problem.

2Finding Dory To Do Memo PS-5

    All and all, this to-do list memo is really cute and convenient even it can’t stick on the paper but it will be my favorite now. I think that this to-do list memo will be available for 2-3 months and then sold out. I suggest you to buy it real quick because the cuteness is overload and by the way……………

If you try this stationery, trust me! You will become a stationery lover.


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