Piri-it! LOOK! OK!

Do you tired of being forgetful when you stick a sticky note to your paper for reminding you about an important thing in that page but it doesn’t work because you forget that you already read that page or not and then you start to read it one again. I’m the one who have this problem even it stick a sticky note for reminding me that I have to check on that page but I still forget that do I read it already or not. My today stationery review will help you to solve your problem and so are mine. Piri-it! is a product from Sun-Star Stationery Co., Ltd. This company produces many styles of sticky note and also many kinds of stationery such as a pencil-case and scissors.

Sun-Star Stationery Co., Ltd. was founded in Japan in 1952. It is known for making affordable and innovative stationery items for studying/office use. For instance, its 7-blade shredder scissors are one-of-a-kind items that are rarely found in the marketplace.


Piri-it! LOOK! OK! is a type of sticky note that different from another brand because it has many styles such as a ‘?’ (question mark) style, penguin style, cat style, or facial expression style which have different trick it each product but I choose to buy this style because it fit to my lifestyle very well since I always forget what I have to read and did I already read it or not.

3Piri-it! LOOK! OK! PS-1

I choose Piri-it! LOOK! OK! with a red and white colour. It comes with 3 pieces in the package. This product has many colours not only red and white but also pastel or blue colour and all of them is super adorable.

3Piri-it! LOOK! OK! PS-2

Same as normal sticky note ‘Piri-it! LOOK! OK!’ is not difficult to use. You just have to stick it on the paper that you want to remind yourself. There is two option that you can do with this product. First is using it as a simple sticky note because normally it will have a word LOOK! print on top of the sticky note to remind you to look at this page. Second is you can use as the first option but after you done with that page you can tear the sticky not from LOOK! to OK! It will have a cut line to guide you where to tear in apart.

3Piri-it! LOOK! OK!PS-3

From my experience, I have a problem when I tear it apart because it did not go straight as I want it to be because it twists. Then I found the way to get rid of this problem by folding the cut guideline of sticky note before you tear it. It will help you to tear it perfectly and easily.

3Piri-it! LOOK! OK!PS-5

    As I say, this tool will help your lifestyle more convenient and adorable at the same time. I suggest you try Piri-it! LOOK! OK! it is available in the online shop or you can buy it in a stationery shop in Japan even it is difficult to find in a normal store but it is worth to pay for it and…..

If you try this stationery, trust me! You will become a stationery lover.

3Piri-it! LOOK! OK!PS-4

Special Thanks

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