For this week we still keep continue with the topic of sticky note but this sticky note is not the same as you use to have. This product will help you get rid of some problem that the old style sticky note have. CHIGIRU from YAMATO CO., LTD. is the Free-Cut Self-Stick Film Note with having a transparent colour. It is a new style that in a roll package and have many colour and pattern.


In the past, we have to pull the sticky note from the package and stick it to the paper and it has a glue just only the side that has to stick on the paper. CHIGIRU has a glue for the whole side of it for making it attach to the paper firmly. This sticky note comes with one roll per piece that make it different from others. The old style sticky note you just take it piece by piece but if you use CHIGIRU you have to cut it in a piece before attach it on a paper.


CHIGIRU has many colours and all of them is a transparent colour to make it easy when you attach it on the paper. The size of this product is 50mm. x 1.5m. which is smaller than a name card. It can be cut into many forms since it has a thin cut guideline to make it easier when you cut or tear it in a square form.


It is different from others. This sticky note can be cut into many shapes as you want and it is transparent with a waterproof function which is suitable for any occasion.


The cut guideline will help you to tear it easy and the remarkable things is that the cut guideline comes with a square form, a little square that comes together to be one long sticky note. You can tear it or cut it if you want to. This product can help you to get rid of the problem that the sticky note slip off the paper or fold together.


Even it is a transparent colour but it is not clear enough to see what is behind the sticky note when you stick it on top of a word and it is more unclear when you using a CHIGIRU with dark tone colour or pattern. The glue at the back of the sticky note is not last long enough for stick on the paper for a long time and if you don’t use it for a long time the glue will not available or not enough to stick on the paper. The good thing of this sticky note is that you can use any pen or pencil to write on top of it not only permanent pen but any pen can be used. As I have mentioned above that this sticky note is waterproof that is one of the advantages of this product beside it can be cut into many forms.


This product can be categorised as a sticky note but it is not created for reminding you which page you have to read, it is for writing an information in that page.


This is the second product of the sticky note collection that I want to show you since last week I posted about Piri-it! LOOK! OK! There are many kinds of sticky note in the world which have a different function, you can choose which type is suit you well or which type is suited your work. Next week I am going to review my last sticky note collection with some trick that you can do with your sticky note just stay tuned and……

If you try this stationery, trust me! You will become a stationery lover.

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