From last week that I promise you that this week I’m going to review another product of sticky note that I have in my collection then today I will introduce you all about my lovely sticky note that I have used it for a long time.


PENTONE (Pen-To-Ne, according to Japan accent) is a sticky note from Japan which come in a stick, more convenient to carry it with you everywhere. This product always with me in my pencil-case I can say that if you open my pencil-case and cannot find PENTONE inside you can conclude that the pencil-case is not mine. I’m always using it to take note or to stick it for decorating in my notebook and I really want to introduce this thing to you. 


PENTONE has its own style of everything it’s is different from every sticky note that I have seen. First, an external style, as you can see that PENTONE come in a form of a stick which look like a pen when you compare this product to my last review ‘CHIGIRU’ you can see that PENTONE is more convenient since it is thin and easy to carry like you hold a pen.


Second, it is refillable, it is mean that the package can be used forever as long as you do not break it and the sticky note inside can be refilled or replace by the different pattern or colour of PENTONE. The glue of the sticky note is also different, it has glue only in the middle of the sticky note during to it is designed for the time that you want to move your note. Normally when the glue is cover the whole side it is not easy to take the sticky note for the paper away but PENTONE allows you to move your sticky note freely because they do not have glue around the corner of the sticky note.


This product is created for making your life more convenient. You can tear this sticky note apart as same as others, it provides a cutting guideline for you. The significant thing about this product is that has a part of the stick that reach out for one centimeter for you to use it as a ruler to tear the sticky note perfectly.


As I have mentioned from last 2 week that sticky note glue is not last long enough for you to use it forever. It can be available for 2-3 months and them it expires, can’t be stick firmly as it uses to be.


Also, the problem with the glue of PENTONE that not covers the whole page make you feel like it is not attached to the paper firmly and when you take the sticky note out it is curly since it stays in a stick for a long time. It is an annoying problem but you don’t have to worry about that much, it is because of the design and it can’t fix you have to live with that problem nicely. I use to be a person who annoys about this problem but now I already know and adjust myself to accept the flaw of the product since it is always my must have stationery.


Some of the sticky note is only reminding you which page that you have to read or to write a memo on the paper but some product can do both. Extra information that I want to tell you today review is ‘How to use the sticky note in a different way’.


Start with How to use a memo sticky note to be a page reminding sticky note. First, you have to tear the sticky note longer than usual (for a sticky note like PENTONE, CHIGIRU).


Second, fold it together. Last, sticky the both side of the paper then you will change from memo sticky note to be a page reminding sticky note or you can tear it for centimetre and stick it on the paper can also be done but it is not effective, not last long or suitable to write a sentence on it like the first trick that I told you.


For all of you guy who looking for looking for the sticky note, I suggest you with this product, not because I review it but because I already use it and I like it. I can guarantee you that my stationery is 100% from my own money and I use everything before I review it. PENTONE is available only in japan but you can order it from the internet. It is also not a popular sticky note in my country just some group of people know this product but……..

If you try this stationery, trust me! You will become a stationery lover.



2 responses to “PENTONE

  1. Such a cute sticky note and I think it would be easy to use whenever you go, you can carry it with you all the time.

    PS. I love you handwriting 🙂


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