Things from Siam

Welcome again to my stationery review. Last two-week I wrote about where you can buy a stationery ai Siam part.1 and part.2 to guide every stationery lover in Thailand and all around the world to go out and hunting a new stationery. I’m the one that out of control when I go to stationery shop, I feel like I want to buy everything and from last 2 week that I went to Siam , do you think that I came back from a stationery shop without buying nothings? Of course NOT! I got one or two pieces from every shop that I wrote about last week and for this week I will show you all ‘The Things from Siam’ that I recommended that is best choice to buy, Let’s go!

1st Stop: Somjai, Siam Krit

6sationery-hunting-ps4My recommended stationery from Somjai is Croco: Label Stickers. This sticker is a Thai brand and available in many stationery stores around Thailand but Somjai is special from others since it has a stand alone shelf from this brand and has many style and pattern that you never saw it before except seeing it at Somjai.

2nd Stop: B2S, Central World

6sationery-hunting-ps9The stationery that I recommend you to buy from this store is My style notebook: Thai edition. Normally this product is available at B2S only but it is more special when it has an attraction in Thailand as a cover pattern. It is suitable for a person who wants to buy a souvenir or gift. The paper is a good quality one and the design is fantastic.

3rd Stop: MUJI, Central World, ZEN

6sationery-hunting-ps15Muji notebook is the thing that I recommend you to buy. This notebook is a famous stuff that most of the student in Thailand recommend that this notebook it is really good, cheap price but high quality. The special things for Muji’s notebook are that they will provide you a stamp to create your own style of the book cover which is so fun I spend half an hour to create my own notebook cover by trying every stamp on the shelf.

4th Stop: BE Trend, Siam Paragon

6sationery-hunting-ps19Masking tape from MT, Japan, is my favorite things that I’m always buying, last month I just bought 6 pieces. It has many style and colors moreover, BE Trend have a special corner from masking tape and some of that can’t be found in other shops such as MT for kids. I suggest that if you want to find a masking tape for yourself BE Trend is a good place to shopping and don’t forget to find a deal or promotion before you buy because sometimes the discount of masking tape very cheap.

5th Stop: LOFT, Siam Discovery         

6sationery-hunting-ps23Mind Wave Seals (Imported sticker from Japan) is an interesting thing for me when I visit a sticker corner at LOFT. It has a cute animal that standing, eating, and exercising, that is super mega cute! When it attach to my planner and my notebook. As I have mentioned from last week that LOFT has many things that imported from Japan also this sticker but the price is a little bit high for some people such as my mother, she always said that my stationeries are expensive, but when it is your favorite then this piece it doesn’t matter right?

Here is all stationery that I have brought from every store that I have been visited at Siam. I hoped that you enjoy reading my blog and If you have question or suggestion about my blog or stationery just let me know, I am open for that. I wish that all of my reviews are inspire you more or less and…

If you try this stationery, trust me! You will become a stationery lover.

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