Welcome back to my little lovely stationery blog again. The type stationery for this week will be the things that I never wrote about it before and it is an essential stationery for every people who love to play with a color on the paper, can you think about it? A stationery that has many colors and comes in a form of a pen.


It is a highlighter or highlight pen! I have read a research that more color you use on your paper, the more effective reading and remembering you will get then why don’t you start using highlighter right after reading my blog. I have many kinds of highlighter since I’m addicted to highlighting everything 🙂 and this brand create a really good highlight pen which many stationery bloggers use it a lot then I need to try that! The highlight pen that I want to introduce to you all for today is MILDLINER, Japan brand stationery.


MILDLINER is one my favorite highlight pen at this time. My sister is the first person who told me to buy this highlight pen since she already tries it and she loves it but I did not trust her at the first time that she told me. I learning and checking about this brand for 3 months since I already have my favorite highlight pen but after I listen to my sister and others talk about this Highlight pen then it is the time for me to try it by myself and guess what? I really in love with this highlighter. MILDLINER is easy to carry with your because it looks like a pen.


This highlight has many colors even the color that you think that it does not work as a highlighter but this brand has that color, for example, brown and gray color. The color that makes this brand become well-known is a pastel color which us really lovely. The coolest thing of this highlighter is that it has two sides of the pen for a different purpose, bold and fine.


This product is very famous because of their color, they provide many colors compare to others brand. The both sides of the highlight of the pen can do more than use for highlighting such as decorating your paper to be more colorful for example, I’m always painting a highlight pen on my question box or note box on my paper to make it pop-out from the paper note which really helps which you have too many writhing on that paper.


The bad thing of MILDLINER is that some color that really beautiful cannot be used to highlight on the paper since it is too dark for example, red and some are too soft which is gray and yellow color. It is really sad that not every color can be used for highlighting but some of the stationery bloggers use the dark color to write a headline or topic on their notebook which is also a good way to use it too.


This is all about MILDLINER for this week. I hope that you enjoy my blog so far. It doesn’t mean that just only the color that I have are the color that it is beautiful for everybody, you can also have your favorite too and you can also recommend it for me too since in the picture I will see only 6 highlight pens but actually I just got a new color, orange, since I can’t stop myself when I’m shopping at stationery shop. See you next week and…

If you try this stationery, trust me! You will become a stationery lover.


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