Pilot Frixion Colors: 12 Color Set

Have you ever create a mistake by writing or drawing a wrong thing by using a pen, that is such a bad day ever because erasing can create a mess paper. Sometimes erasing means a nightmare of us, a stationery lover, when you use a pencil this problem will never happen but when it come to a pen it is such an uncontrollable things but this problem will be solved by this stationery that I really want to show you today. This stationery will never bring you down to a problem of mess paper from erasing, may I introduce Pilot Frixion Colors 12 Color Set 😉


Pilot Frixion Colors 12 Color Set includes Black, Red, Blue, Green, Soft Green, Light Blue, Purple, Baby Pink, Orange, Yellow, Violet, and Brown. Those colors are really cute and it looks like a normal color pen or marker but the remarkable thing is the ink is erasable. I will be repeated again!


The ink is erasable! It is not anything like the other pens that you have to use liquid paper but you can use an eraser like you use a pen. It will have an eraser on top of the cover of every pen for making it convenient for using. The easer is not a normal eraser that you used to know it have to be a eraser from Frixion only that can erase this ink.


The things that I notice when I use this pen is that normally when the pen have a round shape it usually rolling and then falling from the table but this pen have a coolest function which I called ‘break’ like the break to stop a car but this one is for a pen. It looks simple just like a piece of plastic that reach out from the pen’s cover but it is working! No more pen is falling down from the table.


Since it is erasable like when you use an eraser it will not leave any trace on your paper, it can reduce the time that you need to wait until your liquid paper getting dry. Even though it creates a new way of stationery but the ink of the pen is not last long enough if you erase something and you write on top for that because the part of the eraser will be stick on the paper and when you fold or touch that area some of yours writing will be missing.


I think that the reason is the eraser is too good since it can erase anything 😉 Many of the students enjoy using it since it is easy and beautiful but it is not proper to use this kind of pen on an important paper since this pen can be erasable without trace then maybe someone can change or edit you important information or your signature. Many companies are not allowed to use this kind of pen since it is too risky for them.


Pilot Frixion not only have a color pen they also have a basic color pen, blue, red, and black. Surprisingly, that they also create a new product which is an erasable highlighting pen. I use the product of this brand for a long time and they always create an amazing stationery. This product is also my favorite I always used it to decorate my paper. I love every color of this package even though the soft green color is a little bit too soft but it still lovely. I hope that this blog will inspire you so how and…

If you try this stationery, trust me! You will become a stationery lover.

See you next week ❤

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