Masking Tape

Hi! Welcome back to my little adorable blog SwiththeK. How was your day? I hope that you have a wonderful day ❤ if it not then this blog will help you to have a brighter day 🙂 A stationery that I want to introduce to you all today is somehow I called it a must-have item for stationery lover since it is cute, functional, and cute! Let me introduce ~ Masking Tape !!!!!!


Masking tape is known as sticky paper that made for easy-to-tear and the remarkable point is the tape is easily removed without leaving a trace of glue which damaging the surface of the thing that you apply.


The masking Tape that well-known and being used for decoration is called ‘Washi Tape’ they name after the paper that originate in Japan. This kind of paper is already registered as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage since it is a handmade product that represents the culture and creativeness of Japanese. The famous brand of Washi Tape is from Japanese company ‘mt’.   


I already have 10 pieces of mt and it is really awesome, it has many type of masking tape that you can choose which one is suit you well such as I have one piece of MT kids, a masking tape from mt which have a pattern that cute and some can educate the children, I got a pattern of solar system which has the name of the planet and cute cartoon. mt product is available in Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Bangkok and Seoul but they also have an online shop for other countries too.


Disney also has their own masking tape which the pattern is a Disney characters such as I got Disney princess and Star Wars pattern from Disney store in Japan. The masking tape from this Disney does not have a various type or pattern like mt but I thought that they will produce more to serve the need of their customer since now Disney is invest and create various type of stationery.


Other brands are now creating their own masking tape too, for example, 3M and other no name brand. Now, in my country, Thailand, there is a new wave of masking tape from China. Their produce has such a beautiful pattern which is really attractive and their price is not high as mt because they have different quality. I hope that I will have one of them in my collection soon! just keep in touch with my twitter.


Even though the cuteness overload of the masking tape will be the significant point of this product but it also has the disadvantage of being a tape which is the expired of the glue. The glue is not last long forever and if you have many masking tapes you will suffer from the problem that it will run out of the glue or it is not enough for sticking to the paper which is more frustrated than no glue. I suggest that you have to use it everyday hahaha to make it empty real soon then you will not have a problem. Since this problem is the problem of being a tape then it cannot be solved for now but maybe in the future. Not only sticking a masking tape to decorate but this product also can be use like a normal tape if you want to use it masking tape plus your imagination can be anything.


Oh no ~ now we come to the end of this week post, If you want to have a new decoration stuff, I suggest you try a masking tape from ‘mt’ or another brand like Disney it has many styles of color and pattern that will bright up your day and…

If you try this stationery, trust me! You will become a stationery lover.

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