Deco rush wide

Aloha ~ everybody nice to see you again! How was your school, work or day? I hope that you doing well in everything. Today, I will show you a super cute stuff but it is not really a new one since I already show you about this product before. The new stationery comes in a new package which is smaller than the old one and it is more WIDE which can drive you gone WILD from the cuteness overload! Yes, it is more WILD and WIDE. Do you know what that is? SMALLER, WILD, and WIDE and it is a new type of Deco rush. Let’s me introduce my little baby “Deco rush wide” ❤ As I told you WILD and WIDE. This Deco rush has bigger roller, you will get a bigger pattern from using Deco rush wide with a new pattern. 


Deco rush wide has 15 patterns and I got 3 of them in my collection. This product comes in a small shape, the length of the product is the same as your little finger but the rolling is bigger. When it come to a smaller size it will be more convenient to carry it around in your pencil-case and you can carry it more because it needs little space but it cut out the clip function for clipping on your shirt or your paper because of the size is too small for that.


Deco rush wild have some of a cute pattern with a Japanese word, for example, Thank you or Fighting! Which is new for me since normal Deco rush does not have much wording pattern and all of them do not have a word with a cartoon but Deco rush wild have a wording with a cute cartoon in one piece.


You can use it like a normal Deco rush to decorate your paper. The significant thing about this product is that it come in a small size but it still makes you feel comfortable to use it. In my opinion, Deco rush wild is easier to use because of the size is small but it feel like you can hold it tighter and it reduce the handshaking since your hand will stay closer to the paper.


The things that I like the most of Deco rush wide is that it is bigger than the normal one, you can use it on a large paper, when I use normal Deco rush mostly I will use it on my schedule or on my sticky note because if I use it in a big paper it will look really small and if you want to make it big you have to use it many times.


For Deco rush wild I just use it one time and it is big enough for decorating A4 size, but too big for my schedule since it is just A5 size, when I use Deco rush wild on my schedule it needs more space for it and it limits my space for writing. I have the pattern without the word because I think it is more beautiful and since I cannot read the Japanese language then the no wording is suited me well.


The wording pattern also looks cute if you understand or learning the Japanese language maybe this one can help you to understand more and it also has an OK pattern in English which also nice too. You can find out that they produce many patterns that are really cute not only the pattern that I have. Here is the second blog for Deco rush since they have many types. Next week, I am still talking about another type of Deco rush which is cuter and really suits the person who loves to decorate their planner. I wish you will have a nice day with your perfect stationery and…

If you try this stationery, trust me! You will become a stationery lover.

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