Deco rush Petit

Aloha ~ welcome all of a stationery lover again to my cutie blog ‘SwiththeK’. From my last blog about Deco rush wide do you enjoy it? I hope you enjoy it ❤ Today, as I have mentioned from last week that I will still talk about a type of Deco rush since Deco rush has many kinds of them because of the good feedback of their consumer. The company thanks our love of Deco rush by creating it cuter and more excite -> how can I deny the cute thing then let me introduce another type of my lovely stationery ‘Deco rush Petit’


Even though, Deco rush Petit is not the newborn baby for this market (Deco rush wide is the newest product) but the consumer love this kind of Deco rush so much. Now, it produces around 42 patterns and 14 patterns of them are the special editions that super cool because the special Deco rush Petit have a golden piece in the pattern that reflects the light, that is awesome RIGHT! The pattern of this Deco rush is mostly about daily life and decoration, for example, Books and Birthday patterns.

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Deco rush Petit have the same length of Deco rush wide, little finger size, but it is slimmer. In my opinion, the size of Deco rush wide is more comfortable to hold comparing with Deco rush Petit I think that maybe because my hand is too big <3.


For the person who really addicted decorating your schedule or note like me, I recommend you this product since it is easy to use and it covers many cases and appointments like sunny, rainy day, or haircut. It also has a decoration pattern, for example, a flag and flower to decorate a note or you can put it in your schedule.


Moreover, the size of Deco rush Petit is perfect for any books, for instance, a5 and b6 size but because it is a small stationery for decorating then it is not suitable for a big paper like a4 size, for the big paper I suggest you use Deco rush wide.


The price of Deco rush Petit is cheaper that normal Deco rush and Deco rush wide, I guess that it is because of the size is small and so many people use them which it is good to have a lower price to maintain and gain the consumer, not because of the length of the tape since the lengths of mostly Deco rush are the same. However, I have 7 patterns out of 42 from some of both daily life and decorating pattern because I mostly use the pattern that I have rather than others but my friend have others pattern that I did not have too because it is suitable for her.


Sadly, that it is the end of the blog for this week, I hope that you love and enjoy reading this so far. For next week I did not decide what I am going to talk about maybe I will find some inspiration during the week or you can request what type of stationery that you want me to talk about 😉 See you all next week, take care of yourself ‘Don’t catch a cold, enjoy the winter season’ and…

If you try this stationery, trust me! You will become a stationery lover.

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