Sawaddeeka! Welcome you all again to my lovely space ‘SwiththeK’ How was your daily life going, I hope that it going well not like me because I have to take a final test OMG! That is a nightmare for every student except some of my friends who already booked a flight for their holiday then they really want to take a test and travel as soon as possible. On my last mid-term exam I used 6 pens and 3 highlighting pens that are a nightmare! So many things to do and write which is not my type, I love to decorate and draw a picture but you can’t do that on your short essay test T_T or even before the test, the time to sum up everything use many pens and energy too.


Today, I will show you a stationery that I use during normal class and test. This pen is really helping when you have to write a lot and especially when you addicted to colorful pen this product will serve your need.


Uni Style Fit is a refillable pen which you can choose many colors, covers of the pen, and size of the pen nibs to choose. This product has 14 colors and pencil (0.5 mm) which is convenient to use in any situation, for example, if you want to have a colorful note by using just one stationery.


The cover of the pen also allows you to choose what you want, 3 or 5 storage for an ink depend on your style like I am using 5 storage since I want to have a pencil that has blue, red, black, and orange colors together. Now the cover and the ink of this product also has a Disney pattern which is really cute and worth to be used (trust me! It is cute!). The nibs also has a choice for you to choose what you want it has 0.28, 0.38, and 0.5 mm. It feels like the whole pen is created by you since you choose everything in this pen.


This pen is really easy to use like normal pen that you using everyday but so many people who I know say that it is really difficult to remember which color in which storage, I must say that it depends on how long you use it if you use it for a long time, you will use it like a professional, no need to worry about misuse.


The problem that I really have from using this pen is that sometimes it is too big for my hand even though my hand is big but this pen is not good for using in a non-stop writing mode without pause, your hand will feel like you use your hand instead of feet to run 10 kilometers. The Ink is also the problem of this pen because when you are not the only one who use this pen and not the only one to use that colored ink. Then the problem of Ink hunting will come to you. I do not know that my country is the only one who has this problem but for safety please spare some of your favorite colored ink in the case of an emergency.


Here is the difficult part of my blog every week, to say goodbye to you all it make me feel sad but we will meet each other again next week. All and all, I hope that you learn a lot of the product that I recommend every week and I hope that you love to read it and…

If you try this stationery, trust me! You will become a stationery lover.


  1. Pen’s cover picture


2 responses to “uni STYLE FIT

  1. I agree with you that final exam is nightmare! Sometime I saw you use these pens before during the class. The colors are really nice but I don’t think this pen is hard too use because it too big for me to hold it and write in the same time.


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