Ni Hao~ Everybody glad to see you all again in my cutie blog ‘SwiththeK’ Today is the end of the weekend again why it pass so fast. I know that we have 24 hours per day but during the weekend it feels like 4 or 5 hours that is the saddest thing of being a human \ToT/. However, you still with me and my new recommended stationery that I want to reviews to you all. For today, I will introduce you a stationery that looks cute and functional it will change to way you clip your paper —> Now, you know what I mean, may I introduceeeeee ‘Demi Clip’


My first impression of this product is my face with full of curiosity and try to figure out what is it? and how it is work?. I bought this product from japan after I asked the cashier about this product, I bought this product immediately with full of a question ‘??????’ how it works because I asked the cashier and she said it is a clip WHAT! I do not trust her because I still confuse about how it work.


The style of this product is so colorful you will get 10 pieces of the clip per package. After I unpackaged this product and screamed for a bit because I was so confused about the instruction at the back of the package which is all Japanese language then I have to try by myself and after I figure it out, I am screaming! This product is so creative!


How to use Demi-Clip still a fantasy for me until now. I love the way that the creator does it! It is really new, I never saw it before. You will see one side of the clip is not straight, you have to pull it up then put the paper in between the free space of the clip make sure that the paper is not super inside just leave a little gap before the end then the paper will not be crumpled. After you adjust the space you push down the side that you pull it up then it will clip the paper together.


Reminding that the clip is suitable for the paper up to 5 pages, if it goes far beyond 5 pages the paper will be crumpled and worst of all is it will tear apart. I use it is a tag to separate the subject that I learn like I will use the blue clip to clip the cover and content page of the book that I already understand it and I will use the pink clip for the book that I am still confused.


Demi-Clip is a green product for me, in my point of view, it does not create a waste because it is reusable and it is so colorful for my stationery but it still has something that I do not like about it. The product was too big, even though it is thin but it needs a space to keep it. Clipping a limited paper is not a problem in my opinion but sometimes when it clip on the paper for a while it leaves a trace of clipping behind and it is not what I want. It is annoying when I saw a beautiful paper have some scratch. I suggest you all I use it for a normal paper it would be fine because the scratch is not necessary. The problem that I have just happen to me sometimes, I just want to let you know the problem that it does not always happen 😉


You know what after I bought it from Japan, Loft Thailand imported it to sell in Thailand hahaha why I always try so hard to get a stationery from others country and Thai store imported it after I already bought it T-T. Here is our ending again I have to tell you all that I will not update my blog for 2 or 3 weeks until I finish my final examination SORRY ToT for the bad news but I promise that I will come back again before Christmas ❤ Until we meet again please keep in touch and…

If you try this stationery, trust me! You will become a stationery lover.


2 responses to “Demi-Clip

  1. In my US corp office paper has almost become a thing of the past. Most of us never print anything. Stationary is fun and Japan has the very best. I wonder if offices in Japan are still paper dependent or these items are for collectors to enjoy.


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